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Digital marketing has many facets to it and the channles (social media, email marketing, mobile, video, print, mobile, tablets) all have their own methodologies which need to be adapted to individual goals and objectives.

Devices such as smartphones and tablets alone have shifted the tectonic plates of traditional marketing and continues to do so, redefining internet marketing and customer engagement. As businesses realise they cannot use any particular channel in isolation, guidance is increasingly needed on the complexities of connecting the dots to give them the much needed advantage.eMaginative Concepts are here to do just that.  Benchmarking business objectives,identifying how to achieve them and streamlining the complexities involved.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Digital Consultancy +

    The internet as come a long way in the last 10 years. It's a lot more complicated and just having a website just isn't enough!

    Your website needs to be digital marketing ready - integrated to the various channels used by your target audience but it doesn't end there. Best results come from collaborating the value each channel has to offer and leveraging them to meeting your customer needs and your objectives: customer acqusition, engagement, conversion and  retention.

    eMaginative Concepts ensures that you're ready for digital marketing with the right strategy in place:

    • We analyse where you are
    • Find out where you want to go
    • Strategise and plan how to get there
    • Implement the plan
    • Find out how it measures up

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  • eMail Marketing +

    Newsletter signup, data segmentation, marketing email templates, email landing pages, automation, channel integration.

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  • Conversion Rate Analysis & Optimisation +

    Get the best out of your website by making sure the landing pages create the opportunities to keep your business going. We use analyse and your pages and identify how best to capture the interest of visitors, getting them to engage.

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  • User Experience (UX) +

    User Experience (UX) is the measure by which a user can complete a task expected by visitor with minimal level difficulty as possible.

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  • Social Media +

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Google +, etc, are are used by people for various purposes; by various devices - desktop, tablet and mobile; in various ways - some consume, some contribute.

    80% of people prefer to use tablets and mobiles when browsing social media sites. We'll help you define an effective social media strategy for your target audience.

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  • Web Analytics +

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    Web analytics iis key to understanding browsing patterns, behaviours, how users arrived at your site and what they did. What factors triggered certain events and the attrubution of the channels such as email marketing capmpaigns, social media, print, video, mobile.  

    Interpreting the data will help produce actionable tasks that feed in to your business objectives but to do this the tracking has to be setup and configured to correctly and the right KPIs measured.

    eMaginative Concepts are experts in using Google Analytics and other web metric tools, intepretation and presentation of data.

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  • Content Marketing +

    Content Marketing is the production of content to attract and engage and audience with the objective of driving a customer action that's of value. We work with clients to move from content dump to content with a purpose and speaks volumes.

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  • Paid Search Marketing (PPC) +

    Paid search is paying for keywords which are displayed on search engine result pages (SERPs) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other ad networks. Clients pay a fee each time their keyword is is clicked. This is a costly as key words can become competitive relative to demand.

    When used in conjunction with SEO the overall CPC can be reduced.  A good PPC strategy should include some actions to utilise the results in organic SEO.

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