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60% of browsing is done via a smart phone - what should be your mobile strategy?

The proliferation of mobile smartphones, tablet devices and touch screen PCs have changed the way users browse and interact with websites. At eMaginative concepts we've always said that mobile and mCommerce has become the thrid piece of a cord to help reunite the ongoing challenges of online channels outperforming their respective flagship stores but the dust hasn't settled yet!

What people are aiming to achieve and the experience they expect varies not just by the device but also by channels (social, video, website, emails, etc). So what should your strategy be for these devices, across these channels and how can that add value to you business?

eMaginative Concepts will help make sure your website provides a suitable user experience on these devices, market your services more accurately through appropriate channels and help you avoid content duplication utilising techniques to publish once and display everywhere.

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